Software (GUI)

SW1PID - Software Automatic Control PID

  • Can I make an automatic control script with a given RPM or thrust input?

SW1SVP - Software Automatic Servo Control

  • Can I use the automatic script to control servo motors?
  • My servo motor does not move at all when I try to control it.

SW1CSR - Software CSV Output

  • I observed fluctuating sampling rate in my CSV file.
  • I observed missing measurements in my CSV file.

SW1CMG - Software Cache and Migration

  • Can I use the same PC for the Series 1580 and the Series 1780?
  • Can I use another PC for the same stand without redoing the calibration or first-time setup? Can I migrate the data to another computer?

SW1TPS - Data Streaming to 3rd Parties and OS

  • Can I stream my measurement data to any 3rd-party softwares such as Matlab, ROS, Raspberry Pi?
  • Can I use ChromeOS to control the stand?

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