Series 1520/1580/1585

S15ERP - Series 15 Electrical RPM

  • I have a wrong reading on the Electrical RPM Probe
  • I do not have any RPM reading.

S15ORP- Series 15 Optical RPM Probe

  • My motor is spinning but I have no RPM reading.
  • I found that the RPM reading is wrong.
  • I find the RPM reading is fluctuating during the test.

S15LCS - Series 15 Load Cells

  • The load cells seem damaged: cracks, fragment, ripped white silicone.
  • I have a broken connector on my load cells.
  • My calibration did not pass.
  • I think I have the wrong thrust / torque reading.

S15CIR - Series 15 Circuit Failure

  • I found a broken connector on the PCB.
  • I found a burnt component on the circuit.

S15CNT - Series 15 Connection Failure

  • I cannot connect the circuit to the PC.
  • I cannot flash the firmware.

S15VIB- Series 15 Vibration Calculation

  • How to get the vibration value?

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