General knowledge

SGGEGI - All Derived Efficiencies Explanation

  • What efficiencies can the thrust stand derive?
  • What is motor efficiency?
  • What is the propeller’s mechanical efficiency?
  • What is the overall efficiency?
  • How to interpret the efficiencies when testing coaxial?

SGGCOX - Coaxial Setup and Testing

  • What is back-to-back and face-to-face testing and which configuration shall I choose to test?
  • What is the coaxial distance and how shall I define this value?
  • What is the radial offset distance and how to manipulate this value?
  • To put everything together: how to start coaxial tests?
  • Can I use the Series 1580/1585 for coaxial testing?

SGGSAR - General Inquiries: Sampling Rate

  • Can the sampling rate on the thrust stand go higher?
  • The sampling rate is fluctuating during a test.
  • Can I modify the sampling rate in the script?

SGGASP - Pressure Probe Installation

  • Does the product come with the pitot tube?
  • How to calibrate the pressure probe?
  • How to control incoming air-speed in the wind tunnel?

SGGMEL - List of motors and propellers tested by RCbenchmark

  • A list of all the motors and propellers that RCbenchmark has tested internally.

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