Benchmarking (Testing)

SITESC - ESC Connection

  • My ESC does not generate a beep when powered up.
  • My motor does not spin even though the ESC was working properly.
  • All my measurements fluctuate.

SITVIB - Vibration

  • I had a vibration cut-off on my thrust stand (only applicable to Series 1580/1585).
  • I observed severe vibration on my stand, what shall I do?

SITMDG - Measurement Discrepancies

  • The propulsion data that I obtained from the thrust stand is not matching the advertised performance from the manufacturer.
  • I have motor efficiency higher than 100%.
  • The thrust that I measured is way too low.
  • The value that I measured from the stand is different from the data I obtained from the same stand in the past.


  • What is the PWM port output frequency on the thrust stand?
  • What does 1000 mean in the ESC control?
  • What is the PWM port output voltage?

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