1. Parts to purchase

In order to begin your drone lab, first step is to purchase the components required to build a drone/ quadcopter. Necessary components for the quadcopter include the on-board companion computer, flight controller, battery and our Otus tracker. The frame we recommend is the Quanum Outlaw 270 Racing Drone Frame Kit as it provides enough space for the companion computer, flight controller, otus tracker and so on. A 250 drone frame is likely the minimum size to fit all 3 of these components, but you may need a larger frame if your drone carries an additional payload.

The following table (1.1) lists all items required to be purchased along with a description, as well as the minimum quantity we recommend to purchase. Many times than not, parts may come faulty or break, which will result in a lot of time lost waiting for new parts to be delivered. The quantity we recommend should allow for the construction of 2 quadcopters however it is up to you to determine the quantity.


Prices are subject to change.

Number COMPONENT / PART + Link Quantity recommended Approximate Cost / Unit Description
1 Quanum Outlaw 270 Drone Frame Kit 2 49 USD The frame of the Quadcopter. This kit also comes with LEDs, camera mount, power distribution board (that we won't use), aluminum exoskeleton for additional rigidity, battery strap, etc...
2 Raspberry Pi B+ 2 50 USD The on-board computer for the Quadcopter. The on-board computer will do all the processing for applications such as computer vision.
3 16 GB micro SD card 2 10 CAD This is to be used as the OS boot drive for the Raspberry Pi
4 mRo Pixhawk with BEC 2 220 USD This is the flight controller for the Quadcopter. The flight controller consists of sensors such as accelerometers, gyroscopes, compass, etc... that is critical for navigation and control. The flight controller also allows you to interface with camera sensors a2nd GPS. NOTE: Be sure to purchase the mRo Classic Power Module (BEC) w/ Adapter [for additional $20.00]. The flight controller will come its own 8gb microSD card that we will custom flash the firmware to.
5 OTUS Tracker + RCBenchmark tracking lab software + HTC Vive Sensors 1+1+2 1190.0 + 690.0 + 150.0 USD The Otus tracker is the tracker to be installed on the quadcopter and it comes with all auxiliary components such as the wireless USB dongle, the power cable and mounting components. The RCBenchmark tracking lab is software used to record and stream data wirelessly to ROS, python, C++. The Vive base stations act as the sensors for motion capture using the Otus tracker. Similar to Indoor GPS. For more information, please refer to https://www.rcbenchmark.com/otus-tracker/
6 FrySky Digital telemetry radio system/ Transmitter 1 180 USD The transmitter/ Remote Controller to fly the Quadcopter.
7 FrkSky charge adapter 1 5 USD The power supply to charge the transmitter/ remote controller (#6)
8 Mini Monster Quad Motor CW 4 17 USD The motors for the propellers (clockwise direction). 2 CW and 2 CCW motors will go on a single drone.
9 Mini Monster Quad Motor CCW 4 18 USD The motors for the propellers (counter-clockwise direction). 2 CW and 2 CCW motors will go on a single drone.
10 Propeller 6032 (1 CW + 1CCW) 16 1.75 USD The propellers for the Quadcopter. Each set comes with 2 pcs, 1 CW and 1CCW propeller. Propellers are very likely to break so purchase a large quantity.
11 FrySky R-XSR Mini Receiver 2 19.90 USD The Quadcopters receiver for communication.Note: This receiver comes with it wiring installed incorrectly. We will discuss how to resolve this issue in the following document.
12 Vibration Absorption sheet 10 1.35 USD A soft silicone sheet used to mount devices to the Quadcopter. The Quadcopter will generate a lot of vibration which can cause issues with the Flight controller and on-board computer.
13 Turnigy 1300maH lipo batteries 4 20.67 USD Lithium polymer battery for the Quadcopter
14 Accucell S60 AC Charger (US Plug) 1 33.05 USD Power supply to charge the batteries (#13)
15 Power distribution board 4 4.13 USD Required to power all the devices onboard the Quadcopter from the battery.
16 Electronic Speed Controller [ESC] w/ BEC 3 10.44 USD Provides precise and stable control and the 20 - 25 Amps to a motor. We need 1 of these per drone.
17 Electronic Speed Controller [ESC] w/o BEC 8 11.90 USD Provides precise and stable control and the 20 - 25 Amps to a motor. We need 3 of these per drone.
18 Nylon XT60 Connectors Male/ Female 10 4.23 USD Connectors
19 2mm Gold connectors (10 Pairs) 5 2.55 USD Required to connect the ESC to the motors. You will need to solder this yourself.
20 10CM Servo lead cables (female-female) 10 pcs 5 1.91 USD Serve lead cables
21 M3 Nylon Spacers 180 pcs 1 4.93 USD Spacers
22 Turnigy 18AWG Silicone Wire 10m (Red) 1 4.30 USD Red wiring for power supply
23 Turnigy 18AWG Silicone Wire 10m (Black) 1 4.30 USD Black wiring for power supply
24 3mm Red heat shrink 10 0.87 USD Red coloured heat shrink
25 3mm Black heat shrink 10 0.87 USD Black coloured heat shrink
26 Jump wires 1 10.99 CAD Wires to connect to the Raspiberry Pi GPIO pins.
27 Drone safety netting 10 1.89 USD To be used to prevent the Quadcopter from causing you injury. The netting will be installed between you, your stuff and the Quadcopter.
28 30A Bench power supply 1 357.91 USD (Optional) Power supply for the quadcopter when not in flight. The batteries can only supply power to the entire quadcopter for ~ 40 minutes. This power supply may provide useful depending on your circumstances.

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