The Otus tracker has low tracking performance in the form of glitches or high noise.

The Otus tracker should have a resolution and a noise level under 1mm. Here are the main reasons the tracking performance can be poor as well as the common solutions.

  • Large mirrors in the room. Cover the mirrors with sheets.
  • Interferences due to a very high number of wifi networks (like in a tradeshow). Reduce the distance between the USB dongle and the Otus. If it is not sufficient, fly in another environment, or reduce the number of wifi connections.
  • The USB dongle may be too close the computer and the computer EMI can confuse the wireless receiver. Use the provided USB extender with the USB dongle to increase the distance between the computer and the receiver.
  • The Otus tracker too close to the base station (<70 cm). Use the tracker at a distance of 0.7m to 5 m from the base stations.
  • The base stations may be mounted on flimsy supports and vibrate. Mount the base stations on the walls, or use heavy duty tripod.

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