The Otus Quadcopter Kit comes equipped with a Raspberry Pi 3 B+, which has 4 USB ports, an HDMI port and its I2C pins connected to an LCD display.

HDMI Port:

Raspberry Pi can be connected to a monitor to enable GUI interfacing using the HDMI port. The port is located in the center of the board.

USB Ports:

There are 4 USB ports on the Raspberry Pi to facilitate high speed IO capabilities. You can connect a keyboard and a mouse to the ports to interact with the Raspberry Pi.

LCD Display:

Otus Quadcopter is equipped with an LCD screen to display real-time status of the flight control programs running on the Raspberry Pi. Once the Raspberry Pi is connected to the internet, the screen displays the IP address of the Pi. This can be used to remotely connect to the Raspberry Pi via SSH using PuTTY from the main computer.

The LCD screen helps with quick discovery and debugging of the issues. Displayed below is the guide to understand what each error message means and how you can get resolved.

Error Message Reason Fix
Internet Offline The Raspberry Pi is not connected to the internet Connect the router present in the kit tothe computer with an ethernet cable. Turn on the router and the pi will automatically connect to the router.
MavProxy Failed This indicates that the MavProxy script did not launch. Please reboot the Raspberry pi. Incase the problem still persists please download the ISO image file from here
Pose Forward Failed This indicates that the position forwarding script has not been launched. Please reboot the raspberry pi. This should fix the issue.
Tracking Lab Offline This indicates that the pi is not receiving any messages from the RCBenchmark Tracking Lab Please check the IP address and port number, then switch the streaming OFF and then toggle it back ON. Incase problem still persists, force close and restart the Tracking Lab.
EKF Yaw Error This indicates that Local axis was not reset on the RCbenchmark Tracking Lab causing the position forward to process wrong estimates to compute the position information. In order to fix this issue, you need to reset the local axis on the Rcbenchmark Tracking Lab and reboot the Pixhawk through QGroundControl.
Incorrect Network This message is shown when the quadcopter is not connected to the right network. The IP address which is displayed coupled with this error indicates that the it is connected to a network other than the router network. Connect the quadcopter to a monitor, keyboard and mouse. Restart the quadcopter and disconnect from the wrong network and connect to the Robotics Network hosted by the provided router.


  • The Otus Quadcopter kit is pre-configured and tuned for flight providing a hassle-free flight experience.
  • Robust frame design protects the propellers from collision damage.
  • Equipped with an LCD Screen to display real time status messages.
  • Provided Wifi router with private network ensures network strength and data integrity.
  • Frequently updated repository on GitLab ensuring constant improvement of the product.

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