Quick Startup Guide

The following guide will help you through the installation process of the necessary tools involved in flying the Otus Quadcopter.

The following guide uses terms such as:

  1. Main computer - which means Personal computer which is used to download and install the tools.
  2. Onboard computer - which means Raspberry Pi which has the preinstalled dependencies and scripts required to fly the quadcopter.

Before we progress any further into installation of the RCbenchmark Tracking Lab and other tools, please ensure that your main computer has the following specifications:

Category Minimum Requirements
Operating System Windows 10
Storage Minimum 2 GB of free storage space
Network High Speed Internet OR private network between Main computer and Raspberry Pi

If you have the Otus Tracker and base stations along with your Quadcopter kit, please go through the Otus Tracker installation guide outlined here.

Although the drone is pre-configured and ready to fly, you will need certain tools to be installed on your main computer in order to monitor and control it. Downloading these tools and setting them up takes about 20 minutes.

If you are using any other motion capture solution than the Otus Tracker then, having Windows 10 OS on the main computer is not a requirement.

Breakdown of the setup procedure

  1. Install the necessary tools by following the Software Setup page.
  2. Setup the base station, router network and Otus Tracker by following the General Assembly page.
  3. Launch all the necessary tools on the main computer and follow the Getting Ready to Fly guide.
  4. Go through the checklist and safety measures.
  5. The quadcopter is now ready for its maiden flight and to assist you with your research.

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