Battery Safety Instructions

Otus Quadcopter Kit uses a 4S LiPo(Lithium Polymer) for powering up the quadcopter. It is critical to follow the instructions below to ensure your safety and a prolonged battery life.

The Battery

The provided LiPo Battery Pack has 4 cells with 14.8 Volts of nominal voltage (3.7 Volts on each cell) with a capacity of 1300mah. The recommended and safe charging rate is 1C 1.3 Amps.

Important: The battery should not be discharged below 13.6 Volts (i.e., 3.4 Volts per cell).

These batteries have specific charging requirements and care must be taken in doing so. The following rules and precautionary measures will ensure that your battery pack is always in an optimal condition.

Warning Signs:

  1. Battery appears to be swollen or the battery case appears to be damaged.
  2. Battery is heating up alot.
  3. Battery was left discharged completely for more than 3 days.
  4. Battery was overcharged.

If you notice any of these signs, please do not use the the battery as it may not be safe


  1. Always use the balance connector in order to charge each of the cells at same rate.
  2. Do not to leave a charging battery unattended.
  3. Do not charge the battery immediately after a discharge or when the battery is warm. Allow the battery to cool down before charging.
  4. It is recommended that you charge the battery at 1C charge rate(1.3 Amps) and not go beyond 3.9 Amps(which is the maximum charge rate). Charging at the maximum rate will reduce the battery life.
  5. The maximum charge the battery pack can hold is 16.8 Volts (at 4.2 volts per cell)

General Safety Instructions

  1. Always store the battery in a fire-safe container or pouch.
  2. Never overcharge or over-discharge the battery.
  3. Never use a battery which appears damaged or swollen.
  4. After usage allow the battery to cool down and store it in a storage mode, which is 15.2 Volts (3.8 Volts per cell)
  5. Unplug the battery from the drone after use. Never leave the battery plugged into the drone after use.
  6. Do not expose the battery to direct sunlight for long durations.

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