Otus Quadcopter Manual

**If you want to download the User Manuel, please view and download it.

Please download the User Manual PDF to view it: Download PDF.

Otus Quadcopter Software download

A new Otus Quadcopter has three files determining its state initial. The Raspberry Pi image file is copied on the Raspberry Pi SD card using the software Etcher.io. The Pixhawk firmware is flashed using QGroundControl. The firmware behavior is determined by the parameters contained in a .param file.

Raspberry Pi Image File

Download - June 8th, 2019

Unzip and flash on a SD card >=16Gb using Etcher.io.

Parameter File

Download - December 5th 2019 (22.14 kb)

The parameters can be uploaded using the "Load from file" button in the "Parameters" tab of QgroundControl. You will need to redo the calibration after loading a new parameter file. If you do not wish to redo the calibration, first download your old parameter file using QGroundControl. Open it with a text editor and copy the lines between 1 1 CAL_ACC0_EN and 1 1 CAL_MAG_SIDES inclusively. Those lines are your calibration parameters. Paste those lines over the default lines in the new calibration file.

Previous Versions

Raspberry Pi Image File

Download - December 5th 2018 (3.68 Gb)

Parameter File


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