System configurations

Currently, you can obtain the Series 1780 dynamometers by purchasing one of our three all-inclusive kits. These kits contain all the key components for your testings.

Depending on your test setups, the load measurement units are different. Please make sure you order the kit that corresponds to your testing configuration. If you are planning to test more than one of these setups in this article, please contact us.

Fixtures and mountings

The Series 1780 dynamometer includes several fixtures and L brackets in order to help you to mount the load measurement unit onto your test bench. Each fixture beam and each L bracket share a common hole pattern. You may use select parts or all of these components for your setup, depending on what provides the best fit for your safety cage or bench mounting points.


As the Series 1780 comprises with several different modules, each module has its own assembly instructions. Please follow these user manuals to assemble your unit.

Properly fasten all screws and nuts with provided lock washers. Any under-tightened fasteners may result in failure. Always double-check your fasteners before you start running any tests.

Software Installation

Install the software from here and connect the dynamometer to your computer. The new Series 1780 is factory calibrated, so you can start testing right away! Your operating system should install the drivers automatically. If you are having problems, please check our article about driver installation.

If you want to automate tests for repeatability and to reduce testing time, you can modify the included scripts and use the API documentation. We have a video tutorial explaining how to use the software and how to use scripts.

Test safely

Check all the cable connections and fasteners every time before starting your tests. Make sure that the Series 1780 stays in an isolated area that is clear of any human beings or any metal/plastic chips in the environment.

Read the Series 1780 General Safety Rules carefully before carrying out any tests.

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